One look at the front cover of Flavors of Sicily was enough to remind me of the many summers I spent there. I was curious if the recipes could possibly live up to my memories of the amazing food I got to experience during each of these vacations. Quite simply, the answer was yes. Flavors of Sicily captures some of the best traditional Sicilian foods and does so in an approachable manner. Cooks of any level can transform their kitchens into corner trattorias and take their friends and families on a culinary tour of Sicily, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Recipe by recipe, I was reminded of the different Sicilian regions that formed my childhood and shaped my love of Italian food and cooking. Ursula Ferrigno presents these recipes with easy to follow instructions and ingredients readily available at most grocery stores.

While the recipes were simple to follow, they were anything but typical. The Blood Orange Salad stands out as a particularly rare and interesting dish. It was fantastic. On the other end of the difficulty spectrum, the Panelle is often regarded as a particularly difficult dish to prepare. Thanks to Ferrigno however, in about 45 minutes I could have been back in Palermo. Page by page, Flavors of Sicily teaches you how to bring Sicilian tastes into your home while you wait for your next chance to pack your bags and head to Italy.