CATALINA ISLAND is a beautiful island in the summer with white sandy beaches and perfectly clear water, but is packed with tourists and Californians looking for a little escape from the LA rush! So the best time, in our opinion, is in winter when the tourists and the heat have lightened up and you can spend a few days sightseeing, eating, drinking and just relaxing.

GETTING THERE is half the fun of the trip, so they say. The Catalina Express runs regularly scheduled trips to Catalina from Long Beach and Dana Point, which is the most common way to get there; otherwise you can take a helicopter or seaplane for a quicker arrival. Once there, most everything is within walking distance, but you also have your choice of taxi or golf cart, which are the mainstays of transportation as cars are greatly restricted.

STAYING THERE gives you a wide choice of hotels, but most are in the moderate range. Our choices include The Catalina Hotel just up the hill from the Boardwalk overlooking the bay.

SIGHTSEEEING in Catalina can be as much or as little as you wish. The Catalina Bay Boardwalk hosts the majority of shops, restaurants and pubs on the island, which you will go through when arriving and leaving, and can occupy the better part of the day.

THE FOOD & BEVERAGE SCENE is quite mixed considering the number of restaurants on the island. Of course there are your regulars including Mexican and Tex-Mex, breakfast cafés, steak & seafood houses, cafes, pubs, and a unique quick service seafood hut on the main pier.

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