Planned Parenthood LA Food Fare Celebrates 38th Successful Year

2017 marked the 38th year of the Planned Parenthood Los Angeles [PPLA] Food Fare, and it was certainly one for the books. The environment was extravagant, featuring spectacular lighting with a global flare and floral arrangements exceeding what you would expect at a wedding. That, and some incredible food and drink, paved the way to a hugely successful food festival.

Record setting attendance had the event selling out to more than 2,000 guests, who were all comfortably accommodated in the massive Santa Monica Barker Hangar. More importantly, the event raised more than $1M for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, another record.

The amazing food and drink purveyors are too many to list, but additional vendors included Clementine where Chef/Owner Annie Miler was recognized as Chef of the Year, Rao’s, Doma Kitchen, Castle’s Catering, Kali, Sweet and Savory, Miro, Pettycash, Casalinda, Rosti, Pink’s, Boneyard Bistro, Chichen Itza, Craft, Sweet E’s and Border Grill.

Be on the lookout for next year’s PPLA Food Fare. Buy tickets early—If it’s anything like this year, this event will sell out. For more information, visit

Napa Valley Grille Showcases New Seasonal Items

With a menu that reflects an appeal to ‘palates distinctive of West Coast wine country’ Napa Valley Grille prides itself in local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients. For those looking into restaurant development, Napa Valley Grille is both a step back in time and a modernistic showcase. This interesting feat is embodied by classic flavors with just enough of a twist to appear all-new, as well as a beautiful layout that still reminds you of home.

Among the seasonal delights is the Kansas City strip, a 14-oz steak with charred onion-thyme jam and green peppercorn-cognac ju, adding a distinct sweetness that melds beautifully. The Ancho-crusted albacore tuna is just in as well, with a sear that releases spectacular flavor. Pair these with some baked cavatelli gratin—think of it as spruced up mac ‘n’ cheese—and you’ve got a heck of a palate-pleaser. Additional highlights include the crescenza cheese and serrano ham tartine and the charcuterie, led by a house-made chicken liver pate. For more information, visit

Farmer Boys Brings Home Cookin’ to Hollywood

Farmer Boys has spread like wildfire across California, but the new Hollywood location is among the first smack in the middle of L.A. For those unfamiliar, this fast-casual chain focuses on classic burgers, fries, shakes, sandwiches and salads, with an equally robust breakfast menu. At its core, the franchise prides itself on ‘farm fresh,’ seizing the farm-to-table food trend decades before its recent surge in popularity.

Farmer Boys proves that farm-to-table dining doesn’t have to be expensive. The tagline is ‘nobody does it fresher’; a tough mantra to live up to when your menu rarely tops $10. But this casual spot has been doing it for 35 years and counting. If you’re looking for a break from trendy haute-spots and want a hearty, classic American dining experience, this will be a breath of fresh air. For more information, visit

Crossroads Launches Late Night Menu

Crossroads, one of L.A.’s renowned vegan haute spots, has unveiled a $6-$14 late night menu that features items such as impossible burger sliders, buffalo maitake mushrooms and spicy ‘meatball’ pizzas, among other specialties. Paired alongside a drink menu of $5 beers and $10 well cocktails, the move looks to be part of an ever-increasing trend to attract a broader audience for late-night hours. For more information, visit

Ocean Market Grill Puts Marketing Spin on Lent

While Lent often conjures up feelings of depravation and sacrifice, Long Beach’s Ocean Market Grill has taken advantage of seafood’s prevalence during the Easter season. For those observing the 40-day Lent period, meat is forbidden on Fridays while seafood is just fine, leaving a wide open opportunity for fast thinkers like Ocean Market Grill to design a promotion around the holiday.

The fast-casual eatery, which specializes in tacos, salads and fish a la carte, launched a $15 menu that included one appetizer and an entrée. Another promotion took $5 off any purchase of $20 or more. Both promotions go on throughout Lent. For more information, visit