Barton G, West LA

This place isn’t just a restaurant. It’s a show, an experience, an everlasting memory that shoots itself up into one’s shortlist of iconic meals they have had over the course of their lifetime. Put as simply as possible, Barton G turns childhood favorites into upscale delicacies, presented in such an extravagant way that the meal is as much a feast for the other four senses as it is for the palate.

Liquid nitrogen popcorn hand-mixed in a giant metal martini ‘glass’ with Parmesan and bacon. Lobster pop tarts in an oversized retro toaster. Deviled eggs dyed red, served in a chicken coup that looks like it came out of a Tim Burton movie. Oyster shooters encased in a champagne-gelatin bubble that defines molecular gastronomy. Steaks with three-foot forks stabbed into a wood cutting board. You simply must save room for dessert too…that will be a fun surprise. ~$100/person.

The Halal Guys
Opens in Koreatown

After debuting its first two West Coast locations to huge crowds, The Halal Guys has opened its doors in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Located in an intimate space on the corner of Wilshire and Mariposa, The Halal Guys brings a Chipotle-like approach to some seriously good Middle Eastern food.

They’re not joking around with their gyros, which boast some of the richest flavor you’ll find in a [now-chain] fast casual spot. That white sauce is famous for a reason too and there is no question to why nearly everybody orders extra on the side. Most guests will walk away spending around $10.

Tempura Endo, Beverly Hills

Japanese doesn’t get much more authentic or intimate on this side of the Pacific than at Tempura Endo. Premium sashimi, wagyu beef, black bean soy sauce, and hand-selected oils and salts make Endo as high-end of an experience as possible. Prix-fixe menus range from 10-17 courses, or $150-$280.

Ambiance is intimate, but sadly, Endo’s feel doesn’t match up to its food quality—a rarity nowadays considering the reverse is much more common. This small space is sparsely dressed up with cheap, kitschy décor, making Endo seem more appropriate for Westwood Boulevard than the ritzy part of Beverly Hills. Not to mention you will need to eat again within minutes of leaving the premises.

The Stand Brings New
Fast Casual Across LA

The Stand, which started as ‘a complete nod to American classics,’ essentially exemplifies the recipe for success in casual dining. Delicious food made from good ingredients. A fun, diverse and expansive menu—exotic burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads and more—with an equally enticing dining room. Satisfying portions and price points that bring people back time and time again.

The Stand currently has locations in Encino, Woodland Hills, Century City and Northridge with more locations across Southern California to come. Be on the lookout for one near you.

Terrine Launches
New Cocktail Menu

California brasserie Terrine [Beverly Hills] has released a new cocktail selection that follows the restaurant’s motif of French-inspired novelty. Absinthe Frappes, Byrrh Slings, Bigallet China China Spritz’s, and Pommeau Sours are a few of the latest creations from bartender Ryan Wainright.

Terrine has also come out with a new happy hour menu. Chef Kris Morningstar’s additions include Cured Salmon Terrine with boursin cheese and herb salad, as well as and Frites d’Après La Disco read: poutine with confit chicken and black pepper gravy.

Grubhub Unveils New, Faceted Ratings and Reviews System

Grubhub has unveiled an in-house ratings and reviews system that allows diners to choose a restaurant based on food quality, order accuracy and delivery speed from the entire Grubhub database. The platform introduces a new level for transparency and trust in the online restaurant ratings and reviews space.

Grubhub collects more than 70,000 data points per day on its restaurants, and this system will provide learning insights for restaurants based on their delivery data in addition to the benefits to consumers. The new ratings and reviews system is now available on the desktop web, and on the Grubhub and Seamless iOS and Android apps.