Fortune Cookie Divas Predict Grand Future for Designer Desserts

For Fortune Cookie Divas, the writing was on the wall for stylish, custom fortune cookies—or was it written on a thin paper slip concluding one of co-owner Katie Chin’s renowned meals? Chin, a Chinese food personality and author of several cookbooks, including Katie Chin’s Everyday Chinese, has partnered with longtime friend Ann Koh to create colorful, decorative and delicious fortune cookies that have already caught on with several big-name partners.

Fortune Cookie Divas launched in November 2016, when Chin and Koh discovered an open market for fortune cookies during a project for Chin’s catering company, Wok Star Catering. They began designing cookie concepts from there and have since carved a niche with high-end fashion, cosmetic brands, entertainment groups and Fortune 500 companies.

The chocolate-dipped, sprinkle-covered fortune cookies cover every iteration of color and texture desirable and cater to company events and galas that seek elevated style. On the retail side, fortune cookie baskets offer a novel gift option for holidays and other celebratory occasions.

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Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken Expands to L.A.

The wildly-popular DC concept has traveled to the west coast and caught fire. The restaurant’s two namesakes encompass literally the entire menu, and thankfully each of them are doing quite well. If you’re looking for a little afternoon indulgence, this is certainly a cultural hotspot to add to your list.

The place really is quite humble in both its looks and its food, emphasizing the quality of both that much further. A few minimalist tables and barstools at the counter and window make up pretty much the entire seating arrangement, though much of the food at this fast-casual spot is taken to go.

The fried chicken here is as solid as anywhere you’ll find outside the deep south, and their customizable chicken sandwiches are certainly where it’s at. Donuts here certainly ride the food trend wave of fun flavors that integrate nostalgic with new-age. Maple bacon, PB&J and chocolate mudslide were among the seasonal favorites.


Katana’s Annual Red Sun BBQ Returns to Sunset Strip

Katana’s legendary Red Sun BBQ has returned for its 15th year, recurring every Sunday 6-11:30 p.m. through September 3, 2017. During the summertime soirée, Angelenos can revel on the restaurant’s patio while enjoying new dishes, signature cocktails and musical selections from rotating guest DJs.

Specialty items include tuna filo baskets, salmon poke, white snake ceviche, lobster garlic noodles and seafood teppan, ranging from $7-$36.

Katana, which means “samurai sword,” specializes in authentic “Robatayaki” cuisine and is located in the historic Piazza del Sol building overlooking the legendary Sunset Strip. Bamboo skewered items, including seafood, vegetables, meat and poultry, are grilled over Japanese “bincho-tan” charcoals that burn at up to 1,200°. The menu also offers an array of sushi, tempura, and noodles, as well as various specialties from the kitchen.

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CREAM’s Dessert Indulgences Abound Across L.A.

CREAM, or Cookies Rule Everything Around Me, has graced L.A.’s sweets scene with its playful renditions on ice cream cookie sandwiches, brownie sandwiches, waffle sandwiches and basically any other sweet item that comes out of an oven or iron. Rich, quality ice cream, hot baked goodies and colorful toppings come in huge portions at a very reasonable price point, making CREAM a magnet for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The CREAM franchise follows the same customization mantra that allows patrons to make their own decadent dessert from dozens of options, including soy-based, gluten free and vegan selections. They also bake their product in-house daily, adding freshness to the stores’
home feel.

Around two dozen ice cream flavors are ever-changing to keep things interesting, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t try their salted caramel and churro flavors. The waffles, cooked on the spot and sweet as can be, highlight the baked selections, followed by rich brownies and doughy cookies. If you’re really looking for a treat, go for the ice cream taco, essentially a taco shell-shaped cone that houses three massive scoops of ice cream and two toppings. Fruity pebbles and Nutella, anyone? The shakes are excellent as well.

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