John Paddon is a man of a powerful thirst. He has left the confines of a comfortable high salaried corporate F&B job and has set out to find his nirvana on a bar stool. He now travels the land looking for not only what is good, but what is great. While he’s searching for prolific pints and dynamic drams, he’s also looking to share the stories of the people who bring exceptional food & beverage to the table with his new podcast, “Man of a Powerful Thirst.” John and I sat down to discuss “glowing” on Rodeo, Buffalo Trace and ask, “Why is he so thirsty?!”

So you have been traveling as of late for your new podcast?

Yeah. I just got back from Bourbon Country, and sitting down taking pictures, interviewing the guys at Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. I went and took pictures at Maker’s Mark and Heaven Hill.

That is exciting. What’s your favorite part about that trip?

Probably the best visit was over at Buffalo Trace. Simply because of the automation pieces they have left around from a hundred years ago. All of their barrels are moved via gravity. If they are moving them from the rick house over to the bottling line there’s literally a little railroad track they’ve got that they put the barrels on, and they just roll themselves where they need to go. That has been there for a hundred years.

When I last saw you, you were the Wine Director at Caesars Palace. You have since left to further your passions and share them through your show, “Man of a Powerful Thirst.” Tell me about it.

Well, basically, when I came to parting ways with Caesars, my two years were up there. I took a look around and all the other opportunities that were out there were basically just like Groundhog Day. I’d done it all before, and none of the opportunities really gave me the chance to do what I enjoyed most, which is training and seeing other people go out and flourish with information you set them up with. One of the great luxuries that I’ve had in my career is meeting so many great people behind the business.

There’s a lot of those stories that just weren’t getting told, and that’s why I put Powerful Thirst together. We don’t really do ratings about products. We talk a lot about the love that goes into them.

What’s next on the show?

We’ve got a piece coming up on Eldorado Rums, the back story behind Demerara. Where’d it all come from? Why is that style really only done in that part of the world? For a while, people learn for a test, but there’s really a reason behind everything. There’s really these people back there bringing products to our doorstep that really don’t get their just due. So, we are really going out and trying to share those stories, because we’re not in the advertisement business. We can do some of those stories of the people who bring the passion.

What are some of your favorite things about Southern California?

Among many things, I love “getting a glow on” strolling down Rodeo Blvd. and checking out the world’s most beautiful women! Is there anything better than how expensive women smell?

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