On a recent fact-finding assignment to San Diego, we were fortunate to visit Catalina Offshore Products, supplying all sorts of high-quality and sushi-grade seafood to customers around the world. Catalina Offshore Products is noted as being the first California company to supply Uni sea urchin to Asia and today is San Diego’s only exporter of sea urchin. Over the years their business has grown beyond wholesale to include an online store and a walk-in fish market and they are proud to still be family-owned and operated. Pictured here is Catalina’s Professional Fish Monger, Tommy Gomes, the go-to fish merchant!

The famous Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar has just finished a major revitalization just in time to celebrate its 50th anniversary and continue celebrations throughout this year. We were delighted to see the transformed exterior with updated landscaping and overall exterior highlighting the Old English accent, including an original British telephone booth in the front. Additionally, improvements on the interior include the striking Cooper’s Bar in the Green Room and its greenhouse effect. Executive Chef Steve King pictured here has gone to great lengths to improve the fresh local flavor of the dishes.

At a recent F&B show, our favorite uniform and logo designer, Lucien Salama, CEO of NewChef Fashion of Southern California, showed us some of his latest designs for new and upcoming national foodservice businesses. As one of the original innovators in foodservice uniform design, Lucien has built a long list of dedicated followers who are always delighted to see him still attend shows and expos to get direct exposure with clients. Here Lucien presents his designs and logo creations to potential customers.