Restaurant Editor Ben Brown visited CREAM, or ‘Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,’ to explore the dessert franchise’s array of customizable sweets. From fresh-baked cookie sandwiches to waffle sandwiches hot off the iron, everything came out with brilliant color, decadent taste and giant scoops of ice cream. Ice cream tacos anyone? A haven for the sweet tooth and an Instagrammer’s dream. Find out more in this month’s edition of Foodie Biz on page 12.

Here was one of those rare occasions that all three SoCal Food & Beverage Pros were able to get together at the pre-opening of Robert Irvine’s first restaurant in Las Vegas at the Tropicana Resort. The media and suppliers were there in full force to wish him well and enjoy an evening of great food & beverage. Pictured here are Creative Director Juanita Aiello, Editorial Director Bob Barnes and Head Dishwasher Mike Fryer.

A new world record for pizza was recently established by none other than industry leaders John Arena co-founder and co-owner of Metro Pizza, alongside Tony Gemignani owner of Pizza Rock and Giulio Adriani chef/owner of Forcella in NYC. Of course, it takes an entire team to pull something like this off, and they did so earlier this year in Northern California. Interesting, the Guinness World Record was not for the pizza size, nor its weight or number of tomatoes used, but for its length, an overall 6,333 feet 3.6 inches about 1.3 miles, making it the longest pizza ever recorded! Wonder what the Italians have to say about this???