Restaurant Editor Ben Brown attended the second annual Masters of Taste on the field of Pasadena’s iconic Rose Bowl. Despite a brief but torrential downpour of rain, the event was nothing short of exciting and delicious. It was quite a month for food festivals at that. Check out Ben’s Foodie Biz column for recaps on the Orange County Wine Festival, Santa Clarita BBQ and Beer Festival, Taste of Downtown Glendale, and of course, highlights from Masters of Taste.

One of the “Best Bets” for an up-and-coming company is Beyond Zero, which has developed a countertop machine that actually freezes any type of alcohol into an ice-cube size portion. Your choice what you want to do next, but it is ideal for drinks that you like cold but without the melting of ice. Here Owner/Developer Tim Couch presents the product with his associate at the NRA Show in Chicago recently. Tim tells us he will be entering the western states market this year and we are looking forward to it!

One of our good friends and associates, Tony Abou-Ganim, was in Chicago recently for the NRA Show 2017 and to judge the Star of the Bar, an internationally held competition with some of the best bartenders and mixologists from around the world. Tony works around the world developing bar menus and has written several books on bartending and mixology. Here Tony is seen with several personalities, at the Judges’ Stage Table.