Restaurant Editor Ben Brown had the pleasure of attending Santa Barbara’s 6th annual Winter Wine Classic. The event took place in the heart of the city’s quaint downtown, just steps from the ocean. Santa Barbara’s famed wine country, coupled with its proximity to Paso Robles, Napa and Sonoma, made for an ideal selection of 90+ point wines. Spectacular food, of course [read: heavenly lobster bisque] were much abound as well.

Attending the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show recently Sr. Editor Mike Fryer was reminded of just how important travel is to the Food & Beverage Industry, and along these lines more and more travel shows and expos are highlighting the “taste experience” of travel. He was able to meet several groups from different countries offering a specific “Dining Tour” of a country and its regions. After all, that’s how we have developed our exceptional palate for food & taste variations. Stay tuned for our new upcoming column “Travel & Taste.”

Sushisamba at The Palazzo recently started a seven-course Japanese Whiskey Paring Dinner Experience which was collaborated by Operations Director among other top management titles Hayes Swope and Executive Chef Joel Versola whom we have known and followed for more than 15 years here in Las Vegas. Both are very talented men who know good food and great Japanese whiskey. Each whiskey plus the food bites have been developed just for this experience and are available with 48 hour notice with a weekly pairing rotating weekly. Here we are pictured at the end of the dinner looking satisfied!