French, Italian, Pan-Asian and the rest of the major players in global cuisine dominate the SoCal restaurant world…so where does Slavic food play into the mix? Restaurant Editor Ben Brown ventured into Marina Del Rey’s Doma Kitchen, where homemade recipes target an underserved taste profile. From exotic cheeses to dumplings that stray far from ‘Pan-Asian’ and of course the iconic borscht, Eastern European food presents a high growth opportunity if demand catches on. Is Doma Kitchen pioneering a movement toward the next great food trend?

Restaurant Editor Ben Brown scoped out Burger City Grill, which has various locations throughout LA’s South Bay. BCG, as it’s more commonly known, couldn’t be more different than the more established BCG—that’s Boston Consulting Group—but is certainly a lot tastier. This BCG is looking to rise above traditional fast food with fresh ingredients, creative burger combinations and a price point just above anywhere with a drive-thru but way lower than comparable fast-casual spots. Add in a souped-up take on In-n-Out’s animal-style fries. Can anyone say bacon?

It has been a very long month in the Wine & Spirits business. Busy time of year.

Now time to relax and pour a glass of something special!

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