I believe in the power of positive thinking…so much so that I say positive affirmations every single day. And, I have real faith and belief in their value. I also do body and mind cleansing activities such as yoga-type meditation, positive comments activities, daily exercise, and I visualize ridding my body of all of the bad energy and negativity by exhaling slowly but deliberately and telling myself that I am removing all the unwanted thoughts, vibes and energies.

It can be challenging these days to keep a positive attitude and outlook, especially when so many others around us seem to be unhappy, behaving impatiently and/or exuding a rather negative aura. Well… how do you do it then? What can you do to be more positive? To follow are a few of the steps that I suggest.

1. Remember to be thankful for what you have — family, friends, health, roof over your head, etc.

2. Treat others the way that you like to be treated — with dignity and respect.

3. Never forget that you have loved ones too that are interacting with others and they could be in situations where someone is not kind to them. Be aware that what goes around comes around!

4. Decide who it is that you want to be and the behavior that you want to exhibit.

5. Decide to be happy — focus on the good in your life and the good in others.

You can make the power of positivity part of who you are and make it work for you each and every day. It really only takes the desire to do so and the ability to make change. In my opinion, those two things can be achieved in a slow, methodical way, as follows:

a. Evaluate what is truly important in life — being a good person for example — and decide that you want to have/be that.

b. Begin a process of visualizing what you want — see it in your mind or in your reflection in the mirror. Say the words to yourself… “I want to be happy” … and then repeat them out loud.

c. Make your goal as important as breathing every day and remember to make it a priority in all that you do — interacting at work, driving to/from destinations, going out in public.

I’ve always thought that if we want to be treated well by others, then it needs to start with us. What is that old expression we heard so many years ago? “Pay it forward!” Be the one who lets a person in front of them in line because they have just one item, stop your car a little longer at the corner when a person is crossing the street, or rein in your road warrior behaviors and actions towards others when driving because it not only is unsafe but not necessary — just slow down. We all could use a little more exhaling, appreciating those around us and what we have, and thanking our lucky stars that we get another day to share with those we love!

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