When I look out at the faces of those individuals that I am training, I see different expressions and interest levels on their faces. Immediately, I begin to wonder where they came from, what makes them tick, and most importantly, what I can do to help them be successful. It’s not easy to train, or share information with individuals that have varying levels of interest in a topic. So, I try to gauge what method will work best. I’m always friendly and genuine, but I find that humor is a wonderful tool for learning and retention.

But when I train others, I always speak about passion. You have to love what you do and have genuine passion for it. That’s what I say...“start by loving what you do and all the rest will fall into place.” To me, passion means that you start each day on a positive note, think about the possibilities, and engage your mind in the tasks that you have to complete. You start each day with a smile, a friendly hello to others, and then decide what you will achieve that day.

I think when you have passion for what you do in your career or life, it is easy to see it. Passion to me is caring about others, listening to others, and being meticulous in my work. Sometimes as I finish a task, I sit back and reflect on the possibility that my attention to detail and important deadlines could mean all the difference to the one I completed it for.

Here’s what passion looks like in my work/life…

• Caring about the details of my work - because it will matter greatly one day.

• Being thorough and timely with responsibilities.

• Being approachable and considerate with others - because you never know what they may be going through.

• Acting in an honest and ethical manner.

• Being genuine and sincere; and sometimes shy, because sincerity can make one feel so vulnerable.

That’s really pretty much what passion consists of. It’s about having that passion for what you do and then showing it in your day-to-day work and life. I believe that a human resources career can only be done well if you really love what you do. I also believe that is it our job, and it should be our passion, to solve the problems of those we serve. If I’ve done my job right, at the end of the day I can reflect positively on the contributions I’ve made, the actions I took, and the importance I place on caring about how my work was done. If that is not passion, I am not sure what is. So, to me, human resources is about providing a tangible service to those we serve which in some small way, helps them to learn, grow, and ultimately to be successful. Let me know if you agree or tell me about your passion, by sending me an email email address below. Thanks!

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