Luck. Is it inherent or is it transient? Is it real or imagined? Casinos are founded on the principle that anyone can be lucky. It is also based in a strong belief in the possibility of luck. Each of us that steps into a casino, goes in there thinking that we can win, otherwise we’d never step foot inside the door. But in most cases, our luck is left to chance. Left to an outcome from a favorable roll of the dice or to the turn of the perfect card, and we are a “winner” or lucky! But are we really? Ok… maybe temporarily. But I’m here to talk about honest and true luck, luck that you can really make happen. Read on to find out how.

Maybe we can be lucky at a moment in time, but as we all know, random luck can be fleeting. When I think about luck and where it stems from, I envision luck as made up of good intentions and decisions. It’s also about acting in a way that is true, honest, and honorable Luck, to me, is something that you create with the power of your faith and which must be embraced, nurtured, and strengthened over time. It is not something that sheer random chance can create—that kind of luck is short-lived, hollow and unfulfilling, as well as false.

So, can we take steps to be lucky—or more accurately—how can we make luck happen? I believe that the foundation of luck, good fortune, is based in our character and stems from the power of our positive intentions, thoughts and actions. I think luck resonates through and from each of us as a result of our sound decisions and actions. And believing in good luck also helps us to avoid bad luck or bad outcomes. It can deter us from a bad path by keeping up from succumbing to poor choices or compromising our ethics.

To have good luck we have to start the process by believing in the power of our positive thinking. Even during tough times, keeping hold of the notion that misfortune is just a challenge set before us to test our resolve and integrity. But we can turn that misfortune into reward. We can start by saying… “I am lucky!” Not just saying it out loud but truly embracing the notion that we can affect change, our future, by believing we have the power to do so.

I have some values and principles that we can use to reinforce the strength of our luck and our belief in it…

• Use sound and ethical judgment for your decisions and then act on those decisions.

• Make important decisions for the right reasons and not based upon emotional influences and biases.

• Take control of your life, by not allowing yourself to be a victim.

• Don’t make excuses for failure but learn from mistakes and pick yourself up and try again.

• Don’t allow yourself to be swindled, a victim or deceived by a “too good to be true situation…”

• Believe that you are lucky, think and act lucky, and never stop keeping your faith in the power of luck.

If we choose to believe in the power of our character which is the foundation of luck, truly embrace our uniqueness, and keep our faith, then we can do and be anything that we want to be. Remember the old adage about luck from Thomas Jefferson, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” I think he was right, whether born with or making luck happen, its inevitability lies in the hands and hearts of anyone who truly wants to have it. And with that thought… I wish you …Good luck!

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