The key to success in life and in your chosen career is to be a good leader - a good role model. People only follow those whom they can trust and believe in, and that exhibit sound judgment. To do this, it is essential that first you be a good person: someone with good values and the skills, as well as the confidence to lead others. To maintain a strong team you must be able to get others to support your goals for them and the organization. A sound leader will share their vision with the team and work to gain everyone’s support. To ensure shared goals you must be willing to give information and insights you’ve gained, and offer assistance when they struggle or falter.

Having a good group of individuals around you - your team - can be achieved and maintained by doing the following things and displaying these characteristics:

• Be honest and truthful in what you do, say and expect.

• Share information, experiences and give some insight.

• Lead by demonstrating the behaviors you expect.

• Respect others and what they bring to the team.

It is also critical that you build and maintain trust with others and that you are able to get and keep confidences. There are a few key attributes which will help you to achieve this goal, and they include, 1 eliminate or reduce gossip - there is no place or value for gossip at work, 2 keep your promises - do what you say, say what you’ll do, and 3 be a good listener and available - people need to know you’ll listen and thus that you care - so keep your door and ears open.

A final thought. Based upon what you’ve learned in your life and career, and those that you’ve considered good role models, what was it in those persons that inspired you to follow and believe in them? For me, it was openness, a willingness to listen and displaying a genuine interest in me. Sometimes I think back and wonder… where would I be if it wasn’t for those key persons in my life?

In closing, remember this… find the good in others, capitalize on it, and leverage each individual’s best qualities to build and maintain a strong team - one that will support not only you but your team’s goals and objectives.

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