Santo Tequila

Rock and Tequila have had a history of going “mano y mano” so it makes sense that two of rock-n-roll’s most prolific players, Adam Levine and Sammy Hagar, have partnered in a new agave distillate named Santo. They are calling it the “world’s first mezquila” and are bringing together two of Mexico’s best spirits: Tequila and Mezcal. Tequila has already had great commercial success internationally and Mezcal is a growing a fervent fan base. Santo blends equal parts Blue Weber and Espadín agave the former is used in tequila and Espadín in Mezcal, which brings together two icons of what is quintessential Mexican. It tastes of bright sweet & peppery citrus with hints of smoke and a good amount of complexity. A great way to bring non-Mezcal drinkers over to Mezcal side! Available soon in Nevada!


Cioppino was created in San Francisco by Italian fisherman, who sought ways to use their catch. The Cioppino differs from many other Italian-American dishes in that, the ingredients and technique truly matter. To develop those flavors and meld them together correctly can be a masterpiece. One place that does it well is Fiamma at the MGM. Tomatoes, garlic, white wine, Calabrian chiles and butter are stewed with shrimp, lobster, clams, mussels, fish and calamari. Their Cioppino is not rushed and has many layers of rich flavor and textures. The freshness and quality of the seafood is apparent and every piece of the fish and shellfish is cooked perfectly. All ready to soak up that sumptuous broth is the toasted bread. ¡Molto Gustoso!

Fiamma Trattoria & Bar,

Titomirov Vodka

Water is not only the base of life, but is a major component of all spirits. In no other category is this more true than with vodka. The word itself derives from the term meaning “little water” and is the purest of all distillates. Therefore, it can easily showcase the characteristics of the source. Meet Titomirov, which is made with a one-of-a-kind alkaline water from the Carpathian Mountains and non-GMO gluten-free corn. It is the first pH balanced vodka and has a unique softness with virtually no acidic bite. Titomirov is attempting to reach new levels of “smooth” by distilling 7-8 times and being naturally alkaline pH balance at 8.2. Their Facebook page exclaims that, “the level of alkalinity allows water molecules to aggregate into smaller groups that can enter cells more easily, with improved hydrating effects for the body.” After trying it in your favorite vodka cocktail, you will probably agree.

Titomirov Vodka is available at Mandarin Oriental, The Cosmopolitan and Chica at The Venetian.