“With the boom of Mexican fusion in 2016, wraps in their many forms, both hot and cold, are now more popular than ever and have earned their rightful place alongside sandwiches and paninis on daily menus. There is a distinct call for more adventurous flavors. From Piri Piri-infused Short Rib Tacos to Moroccan Chicken Burritos and Vegetarian/Flextarian options, Fra Diavolo Roasted Halloumi Wraps and Tandoori Potato Chapatti, caterers should look to incorporate the latest flavor trends and serve them with confidence alongside staples such as ham and cheese. Just simply mix into mayo; it’s simply amazing,” says Fergus Martin, Major Development Chef.

“Major Mari Bases are used in a multitude of different ways to enhance condiments and fillings for your cold and hot sandwiches and wraps offerings, but is gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, thus a perfect product to use across the board. Alongside our Moroccan Mari Base, this is set to be one of our top sellers in the year to come.”

“Smoky flavors are a bang on trend for 2017 and are being incorporated into a whole variety of different dishes from dairy products, right through to snacks and desserts,” says Bob McDonald, Major’s Consultant Development Chef. “By using a readymade products such as Major’s, caterers can wrap up the lingering flavor of Major’s Hickory Applewood and Smoke simply by stirring this liquid seasoning through condiments and fillings.”

“Customization is becoming an increasingly more important deciding buying factor for customers. Not only do they know what they want but know exactly how they want to eat it. Using Major’s readymade Stock Bases and Mari Bases can help busy caterers factor this into menus with minimal effort for maximum gain. Simply stir a marinade into your condiment or filling of choice, use to pimp up your pickles and chutneys or to infuse the dressing on your salad. Quick, versatile, delicious and cost effective,” says Fergus Martin, Major’s Development Chef.