With Major’s NEW aromatic range of bases take a sensorial journey to the orient and beyond in seconds.

For fresh, quick and tasty recipe inspiration, look no further than the Major Pan-Asian range. Clean authentic flavors combine to transform your dish into a stunning broth infused with all the fragrances and aromas of Asia. From exotic coconut to lemongrass, coriander, chilli, ginger and blends of spices, Major Pan-Asian comes in three mouthwatering flavors: Beef, Chicken and Vegetable and is so easy to use.

Create fun and delicious dishes in seconds. Major Pan-Asian bases mix instantly into boiling water and can be used as a traditional stock or as a seasoning. Pour over noodles and vegetables or simply brush onto your protein to give an exotic twist to your recipes. Free from any artificial additives or preservatives and Gluten free, Major Pan-Asian gives you a clean label which delivers on flavor every time. Be inspired and taste the orient!