June 13 - 15 in Las Vegas, to Help Businesses of All Kinds Profit and Succeed Through Tea

Conference and Expo Offers a World-Class Educational Experience in the Business of Tea, for Restaurateurs, Foodservice Professionals, Chefs, Hoteliers, Retailers and More

Penton’s World Tea Expo, the leading tradeshow focused on advancing the business of tea, takes place June 13 - 15, 2017 with a pre-conference program on June 12 in Las Vegas, Nev. at the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall.

This year’s event features more educational content and speakers, new and extended hours for the product-filled expo hall, and a new networking reception on the show floor - all to help businesses capitalize on tea’s growing position and popularity in the marketplace.

“With the surge in tea’s popularity, World Tea Expo has evolved into a global marketplace offering invaluable resources, education and business opportunities in tea,” said Rona Tison, senior vice president of corporate relations at ITO EN North America INC and a World Tea Expo Advisory Council member. “Having been a part of the show since its inception, the dynamic growth under Penton’s management only confirms the growing trend of tea and its engaged audience. The show is unparalleled and offers a world-class experience in the business of tea.”

A Look at Tea Trends

World Tea Expo Advisory Board Member Brian Keating, founder of Sage Group, a Seattle, Washington based tea think-tank, says the specialty tea industry is growing considerably faster than its conventional tea counterpart in mass market channels. “Consumers have spoken and they want better quality, variety, purity from consumables and this pertains to their tea selections as well. Add in the endless wellness benefits obtained from tea consumption and the next decade looks very positive for all things tea.”

Keating is a tea expert and blend master, with hands-on experience at the retail level, having earned the distinction as the first tea blend master and tea buyer for Whole Foods Market, the world’s largest natural foods retailer. “The specialty tea industry is just now diving into the more techie brewing methods and some of this has indeed been stimulated by the creativity of tea’s ‘sister’ beverage, specialty coffee,” he says. “We will definitely be seeing a lot more cold-brewed tea products, wildly creative pour-over brewing systems and other innovations from tea geeks determined to expand tea brewing from its traditional methods. Besides better finished brews, this wave of unique brewing technology brings the ever-desirable element of fun to consumers exploring tea.”

Maria Uspenski, CEO of The Tea Spot, a World Tea Expo 2017 exhibitor and the 2017 World Tea Expo Yoga Sponsor, relates, “We’re seeing an explosion of ways to combine the traditions of premium tea with the convenience of modern lifestyles. People don’t want to compromise any longer and with the increasingly global market for premium teas and innovative tea ware designs, consumers are more connected than ever to the origin of the leaf.”

Uspenski, who is also the author of the new book, Cancer Hates Tea, points out there’s a lot of interest in pour-over and cold brew tea, just as in the coffee world.” Similar to pour-over in coffee, more and more people are interested in the premium tea experience,” she explains. “Leading-edge cafés, restaurants, spas and hotels are taking note of this trend and coming up with many creative ways to offer this to their customers. This can be as straight-forward as showing off a premium tea sachet infusing in a glass teapot or mug, or a glass carafe of cold-brewing tea leaves for iced tea. There is also a plethora of new brewing devices available for tea, which factor into consideration of the subtleties and peculiarities of steeping tea leaves, including water temperature, pressure and the duration of the infusion. These range from elegant, simple designs costing less than $20 to designer high-tech programmable systems which can cost more than $20,000.

Uspenski continues, “Cold brew is one of the newest and coolest trends in tea, and is booming perhaps because of its incredible simplicity. We’re seeing new types of RTD ready-to-drink cold brewed iced tea products appearing monthly, as well as creative applications in food-service. One of the attractive aspects of cold brewing for premium tea is that it can help minimize the finicky aspect of delicate higher-end teas. Coming up next on the cold brew horizon may be ideas like shake-and-go teas as a convenient single serving option.”

Tison, of ITO EN - Japan’s No. 1 green tea brand and the world’s leading purveyor of award-winning, premium and sustainably-grown green tea - says consumers are not only looking for healthier beverage options, but want to expand their knowledge and engage in new taste experiences. “Matcha has become incredibly popular for its natural energy boost and vitality of consuming the entire tea leaf,” says Tison, speaking on one of the hottest trends in tea. “People are having fun with matcha, whether whisking it on its own, adding it to a smoothie or cooking with it. It’s a trend that is here to stay and will become an American staple.”

Tison adds: “Food service establishments across the country are incorporating teas on their menus - matcha lattes, single origin teas and unique artisanal iced teas. Corporate food services are also demanding healthy tea RTDs, for corporate offices, universities and event airports.”

Fill Your Cup and Learn

To learn more about tea, tea on the menu, trends, and how you can profit from tea, register to attend World Tea Expo 2017. The event attracts top companies and professionals from more than 50 countries, representing: restaurants and chefs, foodservice, hotels, tea and coffee shops, grocery chains, private label brands, gourmet retailers, convenience stores, distributors, online businesses, distributors, manufacturers and beverage developers, among others interested in building their business through tea.

Mim Enck, president of East Indies Coffee and Tea Company and a World Tea Expo Advisory Council member, said, “Since East Indies Coffee and Tea has exhibited with World Tea Expo since its conception, we have experienced first-hand the tremendous growth of the show and the success that has been achieved. The educational program is unparalleled and, most importantly, the expo has allowed us to build a further connection with our customers, face-to-face.”

Head to Las Vegas,
Taste What’s New in Tea

John Chaffey, director of sales at the Metropolitan Tea Company and a World Tea Expo Advisory Council member, shared, “We are excited to return to Las Vegas for the annual World Tea Expo. The team at Penton has coordinated a well-balanced conference schedule with some fresh speakers and highly informative educational content for 2017. This is a great opportunity for seasoned tea trade professionals, buyers and vertical market leaders to network and learn, while up-and-coming businesses fill their cups and find inspiration. We are looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new ones and offering a taste of what’s new.”

Samantha Hammer Mitchell, a Penton event director and World Tea brand leader, said, “The World Tea Expo team is looking forward to welcoming thousands of professionals to the upcoming event in Las Vegas, to discover what’s new in tea, experience the best new products, and learn business-building strategies to profit through tea.”

Some of the highlights of the many educational topics at the upcoming World Tea Expo include:

• Tea Retail Innovations & Trends

• Tea in Hospitality

• Tea on the Menu and as a Culinary Ingredient

• Teas and Wellness

• How to Source & Select Your Teas

• Hot Brewed vs. Cold Brewed

• How to Find Your Niche in a Crowded Marketplace

• Sustainable Branding - What Aspects of Selling Tea Can Defy Generational Stereotypes?

• The Chemistry of Tea Production

• Turning Your Passion Into a Tea Vocation

• Exploring The Herbal Tea Galaxy

• Tea in 2021 - Growth Markets, Key Drivers and Opportunities in the Global Beverage Market

• The World Tea Awards program Wednesday, June 14, which celebrates the best and the brightest in the tea industry

• The Best New Product Awards, which recognize the best new tea and related products from among the many exhibitors

• The Global Tea Championship formerly the North American Tea Championship Winners Tasting Circle, where attendees taste and vote on award-winning teas

• The World Origin Tasting Tour, an interactive and educational “tour” of some of the most important tea growing regions

• The Tea Business Boot Camp, an intensive, hands-on program that covers critical topics facing the tea entrepreneur

World Tea Expo’s new exposition hours are:

Tuesday, June 13 from 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 14 from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m
Thursday, June 15 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The new World Tea Expo Networking Reception takes place on the show floor on Tuesday, June 13 from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

To register for World Tea Expo today, or for additional information, visit WorldTeaExpo.com.
And be sure to follow World Tea Expo on Twitter: @worldteamedia #WorldTeaExpo or #WTE17.