As we enter 2020 both the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of CBD are being heralded. Coming to the forefront is Arctic Ice Plus, a beverage founded by Bill Becker that is vegan, gluten free, organic, contains no sugar or calories, is 100% THC free and has the added benefit of being infused with 30mg of CBD. Arctic Ice Plus comes in five flavors—Original, Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Blood Orange and Mango—and contains pure Rocky Mountain water, organic hemp extract, natural flavors, sorbic acid (to protect flavor) and stevia. It is purported to offer anti-aging properties, combat muscle soreness, aid in recovery and supports the reduction of inflammation and pain. In addition to the flavored CBD-infused waters, the company has added a range of products including pain relief creams, tinctures, gummies and a special 3,000mg tincture designed to help with autism, which will be available for the launch of Arctic Ice into California and other key states in 2020. 

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a natural occurring compound found in the Cannabis L. Sativa plant, which can be classified as Medical Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana and the Hemp Plant that contains 0.3% THC or less in which CBD can be extracted. CBD is also a natural occurring compound found in the Endocannabinoid System of the human body. According to a few research studies, the two substances work together to support the immune system. CBD has been shown to carry therapeutic properties that assist the body when adding it into one’s daily routine without experiencing any negative side effects. 

Is CBD Legal?

In 2018 the Federal Government passed the Farm Bill of 2018 in which hemp was decriminalized across the nation. This allows states the option to legalize CBD within their state or not. Currently with the recent Draft Rules released by the USDA in October, each state has the opportunity to write their own Hemp Program Regulations in accordance with the USDA Federal Program and approval by the fall of 2020. For an example, Wisconsin will allow the consumption of any hemp-derived products but has no medical or recreational program. Nevada’s laws vary depending on the county, city or jurisdiction the CBD products are sold in.

Currently 48 of the 50 US States have legalized the sales and use of hemp-derived CBD products that contains 0.3% THC or less with hemp-derived CBD illegal only in IDAHO and SOUTH DAKOTA. While CBD is widely available without any prescriptions across the US, it is important to use a brand that has a great reputation and support from the medical community. 

Who Is Bill Becker?

Born in Ontario, Canada, Bill Becker has been involved with the bar, restaurant, gaming and beverage industry for over 40 years. In the 1990s he originally developed Artic Ice as a line of high-quality health energy drinks. Bill moved to Las Vegas in 2006 and began manufacturing the Arctic Ice brand, which was successfully placed in over 100 locations including 7-Eleven stores and casinos. The success of the brand spread internationally to the Far East and Europe where Manchester United Soccer team adopted Arctic Ice as its global sponsor.

What Motivated Bill Becker to Add CBD to Arctic Ice?

When asked why he incorporated CBD into the Arctic Ice water as a new product, Bill shared, “I was suffering from very high blood pressure (250 over 110) which can be deadly, and I was on three major high-profile medications which were doing nothing. A friend in Colorado told me to try CBD and I at first thought this was just another hyped up scam. 

I started drinking three bottles of 10mg water per day and to my surprise within three weeks my blood pressure had dropped to 165 over 100. I cut my medication doses in half and increased my consumption to three 30mg bottles of CBD water per day. Just two weeks later my blood pressure was down to 145 over 80. I increased my intake to four bottles and dropped the medication completely as I moved towards normality. 

I was so impressed through personal experience that we began developing the Arctic Ice brand which is now available throughout Nevada as a 30mg infuse portfolio of flavored waters. Our goal simply is to help as many people as we can, reducing traditionally prescribed medicines and the horrible side effects they cause and replace these with natural CBD water.”

An Interview with Doctor Daniel Fabito 

Daniel E. Fabito MD is Board Certified in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Management by the ABA, ABAPM, ABPM and ABIPP; holds the ABIPP Opiate Competency and Certification; is an Anesthesiologist and Fellowship Trained Interventional Pain Specialist; currently serves as the President of NV ASIPP; and is an Associate Clinical Professor for UNLV and Touro University School of Medicine in Las Vegas, NV. With such an impressive list of accolades and certifications, we wanted to get his take on Arctic Ice and CBD and how it is helping his patients. 

Doctor Fabito, how has your approach to pain management changed?

Recently, there has been a shift in medicine towards Integrative and Holistic approaches. I realized that it was important for my interventional pain practice to adapt and transform into a more comprehensive pain program and started to blend both western medicine and integrative approaches, incorporating on-site yoga therapists, mental health professionals, meditation specialists, acupuncturists, nutritionists and life coaching to my western practice.  Instead of focusing on the maintenance and management of health issues, we truly started focusing on healing. Through a blend of both western and integrative medicine, we are able to focus on identifying the root of the problem and treat not just the body but also the mind and spirit.   

We understand that you have been working with Bill Becker from Arctic Ice for some time now?

I have known Bill Becker both personally and professionally for the last nine years. Since Bill recognized the transformation in my medical practice, he introduced his CBD brand Arctic Ice to me. After researching the Arctic Ice brand and the potential benefits of CBD, I accepted a consultant position with the company. 

Can you give us some input into the value of the Arctic Ice Portfolio of CBD waters and its other products?

The Arctic Ice Portfolio is committed to providing high quality, organic and innovative CBD products.  Arctic Ice has several different types of CBD delivery systems including flavored waters, oil tinctures, creams and gummies.  This allows people to try a variety of types of CBD for different ailments. 

The Arctic Ice brand is committed to being one of the industry leading companies that have standardized their process of cultivation, extraction and formulation to ensure a high quality CBD supplement.  In addition, the Arctic Ice brand continues to be a pioneer in the industry.  I have recently been contacted about participating in CBD studies, which is extremely important for future innovations.

Do you perceive a substantial value in treating your patients and clients with CBD-infused products such as Arctic Ice?

There are over 100 known cannabinoids today.  Cannabinoids are the molecules which give the cannabis plant its medical and recreational properties. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural substance obtained from hemp plants that may promote wellness without any psychoactive or intoxicating effects and is typically associated with promoting an overall sense of calm and may help to bring the body back into balance through the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

There are several recent landmark studies regarding Medicinal Marijuana and Hemp Derived CBD for aiding a variety of health issues. Some of the strongest scientific evidence of therapeutic effect includes treatment of Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut epilepsy syndromes, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and chronic pain. Over the summer, the FDA approved the first ever cannabis-derived medicine for the epileptic conditions, Epidiolex, which contains CBD. Therefore, based on current clinical studies, there seems to be a potential benefit in using CBD.  If the use of CBD results in the reduction of opiates, benzodiazepines and sleep aids, then I believe that there may be tremendous value for its use.  

What results have you seen in your patients?

I have seen multiple benefits in my patients that have used CBD as a supplement. The results in my Comprehensive Pain Management clinic have mimicked some of the recent CBD clinical studies and I’ve seen an improvement of chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.  Interestingly, I have been able to document several cases of opiate reduction with CBD use, which is extremely important during this current opiate epidemic crisis. 

What are the main areas that you would recommend patients treat themselves with CBD-infused products such as Arctic Ice on a regular basis?

In Nevada, medicinal marijuana was approved in 2000.  It was approved for certain conditions including: anxiety disorder, neuropathic condition, muscle spasms, seizures, chronic or severe pain, cancer, autoimmune disease, AIDS, anorexia, autism spectrum disorder and nausea.

At this time, CBD is considered a supplement.  There is no specific effective dose that has been established for medical issues.  The CBD dosage can depend on multiple factors including concentration, delivery system, body weight, desired effects and tolerance.  

In addition, there are several landmark cannabidiol studies that show promise with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and neuropathic pain. There are studies, such as a 2011 study by Bergamaschi MM and 2017 update by Kerstin I et al that confirms CBD has a high therapeutic index and maintains a good safety profile. These studies demonstrated that chronic use and high doses of CBD 1500mg/day was well tolerated with minimal side effects. 

However, if you do try it, it is important to speak with your doctor to ensure that it won’t affect other medications that you are taking. If there are no potential issues with the CBD supplement, then I would initially “Go Low and Slow” and titrate (adjust the dose) as needed.   Overall, we need more research, but CBD may prove to be an option for managing anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and pain.

Testimonials of Those Benefitting from Arctic Ice Drinks

I am writing to tell my story regarding Arctic Ice Water and what my family calls “THE CREAM.” I have been a long term patient of Dr. Daniel Fabito (an ANGEL among us), and have suffered many years with intercostal nerve damage (the pain can just be debilitating). My daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis at age 17 and my other daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and has chronic insomnia. What do you do when your child is screaming at the top of her lungs, because the pain is so bad and you have already taken her to 93 doctor appointments in one year (about two a week) to try and give her some type of relief from the pain. Then finally, you discover Dr. Fabito and ARCTIC ICE WATER and THE CREAM. This has changed her life!!! My daughter does not have to rely on narcotics to have pain relief!!! She is now 24, working full time, just got a huge promotion and is continuing her education. My other daughter with ADHD only weighed about 80 to 85 pounds at 18 years old. We had tried giving her PHARMACOLOGICAL medication for her ADHD; however, the side effects were so bad that I was taking her to heart doctors because they made her heart ache and decreased her appetite to a point that I was giving her protein drinks just to have some type of substance in her. Again, We tried Arctic Ice Water.

My daughter is now up to 93 pounds, sleeping through the night and doing GREAT!!! For myself, I am happy to say, I am down to only two types of medicine and trying to reduce those medications as well. If it weren’t for ARCTIC ICE WATER and THE CREAM, none of this would have been possible!!! So thank you, DOCTOR FABITO, and thank you for reading my story.

~Julia Maddera–longtime patient of Doctor Fabito, Las Vegas 


It’s the most refreshing CBD drink I’ve ever had.  My clients love the taste and the CBD benefits.

~Lo’an, Owner of CBD American Shaman, Henderson, NV


The best flavored water I have ever tasted …with 5 great flavors and all the benefits that you get from CDB! The best muscle recovery drink I have ever had, especially after 18 holes of golf.

~Kenny Lee, Co-Owner Lee’s Discount Liquors (22 plus stores throughout Nevada)


# 1 hangover recovery of all time! 

~Nick James, Sommelier


I have experienced painful back spasms for about four years now. Under the care of my physicians I have tried countless prescription medications and several different CBD creams, but sadly nothing had given me the pain relief I was looking for. After topically applying Arctic Ice Pain & Wellness 500mg CBD Cream to my back during a particularly painful spasm I was finally able to achieve complete pain alleviation within about three minutes. I was shocked and completely overjoyed to have finally found a healthy product that works and I did not have to reapply until two days later! This truly incredible experience led me to try the 1000mg CBD Cream at the next feeling of pain, and again I was pain free in under two minutes. Absolutely life changing, an amazing product!

~Ashley Hendricks, Patient 


How to Find Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice is distributed globally by Pemberton Distribution Company, based in Las Vegas. Pemberton has all the necessary wholesale business licenses in place from the Nevada state and local authorities. An active EIN, Resellers License and a government-issued Business License is required to make wholesale purchases from Pemberton Distribution Company, who is committed to ensure full compliance both federally and in every state. 

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