In today’s time…when you are getting ready to choose where to go out to eat, all of a sudden the decision can become very difficult. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone or something advise us where to eat? Whether it’s date night, girl’s night out, brunch with the family, or a celebration…It doesn’t make it easier when everyone has their own diet preferences, and nowadays it seems that everyone is gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free or has their personal preference.

I introduce to you Crityk! I sat down with Sumit Sikka, one of the founders, to learn more about this exciting new app. 

So, what is the Crityk app and what does it do?

It’s simple. Crityk elevates the dining experience, by helping you discover not only where to eat, but what to eat.  And it doesn’t stop there: Find something new, cure cravings, get palate and diet specific when searching for the perfect dish, find restaurant recommended pairings to complete the perfect meal, bookmark delights you would like to try and save them for later, stay up-to-date with restaurant specials and menu changes, and most importantly you can snap, rate and share your food experience with friends and your foodie community. 

Who’s behind this app?

John Kegel and I (Sumit Sikka) are the founders of Crityk. We are the passionate food loving entrepreneurs behind Crityk, working long hours, and putting in everything we have to ensure users get the most from their dining experiences.

I come from a background in finance, and grew up in the restaurant industry, as my parents own an Indian restaurant in Denver. John comes from an eclectic background of nutrition, health, tech and product design. Needless to say, when we are not hard at work we are enjoying great food for a living, which is a perk everyone should be able to enjoy, and one of our main goals.

Our small team consists of 6 passionate people with all the right ingredients for success—Tech, Design, Marketing, Wisdom, Resourcefulness and Creativity—as well as an esteemed team of advisors including Top Chef runner up, Shirley Chung, that help nurture our vision with further wisdom and knowledge within their specialty. When our L.A. team is powering down for the night, our overseas developers are just ramping up, making this an around the clock operation and labor of love. In addition, we also have a team of influencers and foodies alike collaborating with us to help shape our product and foodie ecosystem. Last but definitely not least, and it goes without mention: the community! Though we might not get to speak with every user, the community of food lovers looking for a truly useful alternative help to drive content and give back unbiased and meaningful feedback to the local food scenes. Our community is as much of part of the team as any.

When did the idea come about for Crityk?

The idea came from hunger, curiosity and the aching dilemma of finding more than a great restaurant, but what’s good to eat/drink. The moment of inspiration happened during brunch at a place in Malibu called “Moonshadows,” when a recommendation brought us to the restaurant, but left us wondering what was good here, what were the menu items we absolutely needed to try... and unfortunately that simply wasn’t a click away. In that moment, we realized that there was a huge gap through the entire foodie world and especially food review platforms, and inspired us to start Crityk.

Why should people download this? How does it benefit them?

Not only is Crityk a great way to find the best items at each restaurant and match food and beverage options to your personal diet preference, but it also highlights the food that our community truly loves and enjoys. With our quick rating system, everyone can be a Crityk and showcase the best food and drinks Santa Monica and wherever they may dine has to offer.

What makes Crityk different?

Aside from having the dietary options, making it easy for anyone to satisfy their cravings, it is also dish specific. Have something in mind but don’t know where to go? Look no further than Crityk! Gluten free tacos, or dairy free mac ‘n’ cheese, this app will help you figure it out! 

Available for Apple and Android users, download, sign up and enjoy. This app really caters to your needs and cravings and has several features that will only better the user experience and will be a must have app for anyone who enjoys food and lives or travels into the LA/OC area. It’s simple, easy to use and everyone is a Crityk.