An Epic Tour Through Huntington Beach’s Lot 579 

Within Huntington Beach’s Pacific City shopping mall lives Lot 579, a chic food hall that houses a slew of delectable eateries and drinkeries. These fast-casual concepts range from sandwiches to sushi, beer to root beer floats, but all share the common motif of fresh, creative, tasty and—wait for it—affordable.

Should you desire, a self-guided food tour is both welcomed and encouraged. From savory onto sweet with several drinks in between, the path below marks a foodie paradise, conveniently located right off the Huntington Beach Pier. Just be sure to bring your appetite.

Stop 1: Pie Not

photo courtesy Pie Not

For those unfamiliar with meat pies, they are to Australia as cheeseburgers are to the US, namely indulgent and delicious. Pie Not takes you straight down under with its array of meat and veggie combinations baked into flaky, buttery pastry. The Mary, made with lamb, cheese and bacon, and the spring a leek, with creamy chicken, stand out for being especially rich.

Pie Not bakes their pies fresh on a rolling basis, a process proudly displayed from their fishbowl-like kitchen visible from the Lot 579 thoroughfare. The place is run by an Aussie, so you know the recipes are authentic. Best to make the experience complete with a bottle of Bundaberg’s. 

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Stop 2: The Dudes’ Brewing Company

photo courtesy The Dudes’ Brewing Company

More exotic beer flavors than you can imagine are made in-house and poured at The Dudes’. If you’re a traditionalist who favors a good lager, IPA or hefeweizen, Dudes’ has got you covered. If you’re looking for something new and different, however, Dudes’ is a novelty beer Mecca.

The ‘juicebox series’ presents particular appeal, with flavors such as blood orange, boysenberry and pumpkin. You’ve also got grandma’s pecan, cream soda and malt liquor. Perhaps the most outlandish, however, is mint. Yes, mint beer, green like you’d see on St. Patrick’s Day. Essentially every one of their labels tastes exactly as it sounds.

At Lot 579, The Dudes’ welcomes patrons to bring food from any other eatery to their communal tables. They simply ask that you don’t bring in any outside alcohol. On your food tour, take advantage of The Dudes’ as a home base; you’ll want to order at least two flights to wash everything down anyway. 

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Stop 3: Burnt Crumbs

photo courtesy Burnt Crumbs

Burnt Crumbs does sandwiches, and does them well. Their small menu strays away from your typical cold cuts and instead focuses on select hot sandwiches that stretch across American favorites. Their Reuben is one for the books, with juicy, thick cut meat and heavenly Russian dressing. The fried chicken sandwich is another highlight, served atop a buttery biscuit with country gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and Sriracha honey.

Burnt crumbs also makes a darn good burger. The sandwich they’re best known for, though, is easily their most off-the-cuff: spaghetti grilled cheese. If the thought of a spaghetti sandwich sounds good to you, you’ll love it. Otherwise, the choice is yours. In any case, everything Burnt Crumbs puts between bread is masterfully crafted. 

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Stop 4: Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream

photo courtesy Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream

Making your way through amazing meat pies, sandwiches and beers is an enjoyable challenge, but you must save room for dessert at Hans’ Homemade. Each store churns its own ice cream on-premise, using some pretty interesting ingredients. Who would’ve thought that Twinkies and powdered donuts would make for prime ice cream flavors?

The brownie sundae is a great way to step up your dessert game, with chewy, chocolaty brownie chunks. It pairs well with cookie dough, for a baked/not-baked dynamic, as well as crunchy pecan praline. Nut and sprinkle-covered drumsticks, shakes, floats, cookie sandwiches and just good ol’ fashioned scoops are sure to please as well. 

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Andrei’s Serves Conscious Cuisine in Irvine

photos courtesy Andrei’s

Andrei’s embodies all the elements you’d look for in traditional fine dining, with a fully modern splash at every touchpoint. Lavish, intimate atmosphere with tasteful, contemporary décor and just the right lighting. Cuisine based on the classic steak, seafood and salad, prepared with California flare and Mediterranean influence, and finished with remarkable presentation. 

Andrei’s seeks to serve ‘conscious cuisine’ through and through, which means sustainable seafood, naturally raised meats and organic, local produce. Health and nutrition resonate throughout the menu, though most classic comforts are readily available. The restaurant itself is a nonprofit—a rarity in the industry—whereby all profits go to the Andrei Foundation, dedicated to the owner’s late brother, for eye research and blindness support. 

Highlighting the dinner menu is the filet mignon, a tender cut finished with a peppery spike. Sweet corn and cherry tomatoes alongside complement the dish with exceptional sweetness. The salmon and Israeli couscous makes for a lovely seafood option. Add on a side of pesto risotto…you’ll be glad you did. Save room at the end for their peach cheesecake beignets, just as rich as they sound with a marvelous cinnamon whipped cream. 

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