Restaurant Editor Ben Brown attended what’s known as ‘California’s prime Hispanic food and wine festival,’ the AltaMed Food & Wine Festival. Lobster claws with caviar and edible gold leaf? Find out how else this festival went all out in Ben’s Foodie Biz column. 

After editing Ben Brown’s Foodie Biz column Editorial Director Bob Barnes decided he had to make a visit to Celestino Ristorante & Bar, located in the South Lake area of Pasadena. After meeting Owner Calogero Drago, a native Sicilian and successful restaurateur, he found him to be the nicest and warmest gentleman you will ever meet. Standout dishes enjoyed there included gnocchi with black truffle fondue, mushroom soufflé with fontina cheese sauce, seafood risotto with black squid ink and eggplant parm that we have certified as the best ever.