Even during the darkest of times, I choose to find and hold onto a spark of hope regardless of the challenge(s). There are and will always be challenges we will face in life, and it is how we deal with them that defines who we are or who we may become. Maybe like me you are an eternal optimist and can find that there is always something to learn from every challenge and a reward in mastering every hurdle. I choose to look at the glass as half full and think “yes, there is water in that glass and I am able to drink it to sustain me.”

How can we all do that—see the glass as half full? By digging down deep and finding strength in those things that are important to us and have meaning in our lives. My strength comes from my faith, family and friends. Where does your strength come from? From what do you derive your internal power of faith? It usually comes from deep inside us and is a product of how we perceive ourselves as well as what we believe our role is here. But our strength also comes from other essential parts of our being, such as the foundations of our faith, our soul (an internal component that helps us decipher between good and bad decisions) and from our unwavering faith in the power of our deity and the overall goodness of mankind. 

So how does one stay positive through the ups and downs and many adversities? By using those strengths that we have to their fullest. And by harnessing the power of positivity and possibilities. The most strength we’ll ever have or find comes from our faith, no matter what our beliefs are. Our faith is the foundation of who we are and what we stand for. When that faith is based in kindness, respect of others, compassion and caring, it typically results in behaviors or actions that reflect those tenets. Strength of our conviction as well as compassion are meaningful and all powerful too. My definition of conviction is that we believe in something so strongly that it impacts the decisions we make and the person we become. A solid conviction also means that we find comfort in the knowledge that we will always do things for all the right reasons and stand by our beliefs all along the way.

But strength also comes from the solidarity of the family unit. A sound support system in your family circle means that most of us can count on someone that we love and loves us to be there to bolster us, to be compassionate, and to not be critical of our choices or decisions. It provides a mechanism for fears and concerns to be voiced without judgment or reprisal. But family also has the tough job of telling us when our decisions are not good ones, could have poor or dangerous outcomes, or are not ethical or legally sound ways to act or behave.

Sometimes strength comes unexpectedly from a friend or by being a friend to others. This strength, I believe, comes from our very heart and soul, because it is based in our desire to help others and relieve pain, suffering or fear through our actions and even words. It is made up of some very basic precepts such as being available for others in times of need, listening well without judgment and offering solutions and ways of looking at things to those in need without needing to get one ounce of credit for the support. This kind of strength can provide the best relief to those in need and have the most precious result for them as well—them being heard, being loved and you being present in the moment for the ones you care about. It can also provide the giver with a profound sense of pride and new found faith in our ability to give more to others than we expect to ever receive back. 

Finally, we should also believe in the strength that as a father, mother, sister, brother, co-worker or manager, we can provide strength and support to family, friends and others by just being there, remaining calm, being informed, offering aid or assistance, listening without judging, providing good advice and by looking for the positive in everything regardless of the situation. During your times of challenge and adversity, always remember that you are not alone and that there are family, friends and situations where faith can help you overcome any obstacle, only if you truly believe in the power of positivity and faith. Bless you!

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