Photos courtesy LIPSMACKING Foodie Tours

After a long night out in Las Vegas, there are few things better than sleeping in. The extra sleep however, comes with a cost. You wake up with that familiar longing for something to eat. You groan thinking about the long lines and high costs associated with everyone’s new favorite meal…Brunch. And how are you supposed to decide where to go anyway? Seemingly endless options await to satisfy whatever craving the previous night brought on. Enter: The Boozy Brunch Tour, by LIPSMACKING Foodie Tours. Pay once, skip the lines and let your Boozy Brunch tour guide escort you to a selection of some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. 

Our tour began at the Aria, where we met at the one-of-a-kind Focus Waterfall. A brief history of the hotel and a quick walking tour of some of the more famous art installations kicked off the experience. We walked into our first stop, Herringbone, and were seated immediately. A choice of delicious cocktails and an invitation to each of the interactive chef stations were presented promptly. Herringbone’s brunch featured fresh seafood, carved meats, an omelet station as well as a dessert station. From made-to-order eggs, fresh octopus cooked to perfection, or some delicious and crispy cannoli, you won’t believe this is only the first stop on your culinary tour of the Aria. 

Up next, we were escorted to BARDOT Brasserie, a restaurant by the acclaimed Michael Mina, who earned a Michelin Star at his self-named restaurant in S.F. Again, no need to worry about any lines that have built up to try and experience the cuisine of a chef that has earned a Michelin Star. We are again seated right away and kick the meal off with a refreshing French 75 cocktail. The server discusses several food options for us, but a quick glance around the restaurant makes the choice for us. The signature French toast strikes an imposing figure on the plate, but the first bite assuages all fears. It is indescribably light, almost impossibly so. The vanilla mascarpone and orgeat syrup provide a wonderful combination of extra flavors, but the French toast is more than capable of starring on its own. Two stops into the tour and we honestly couldn’t believe there was more to come. 

Our final tour destination brought us to the Thai-inspired Lemongrass. We again were seated right away and presented with a myriad of dining options. A refreshing cocktail kicked things off and before we knew it a trio of steamed dumplings sat before us. Shrimp, BBQ pork and a shrimp/pork hybrid headlined the main course. A dessert of shaved ice and coconut rice was irredeemably refreshing. 

The Boozy Brunch Tour took the best of brunch, combined it with the high-end culinary options Las Vegas offers, while subtracting the long lines and high costs. Getting to experience a trio of restaurant options VIP style without having to spend like a high roller made our Boozy Brunch Tour a truly excellent value, and an even better overall experience.