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Flowers are blooming and temperatures are rising which most certainly means that our taste buds will soon turn to bright and crisp rosés for refreshment. Rosé is a fabulous everyday wine that pairs well with a plethora of different dishes and cuisines and we are thrilled to see a growing number of options available in the market. We recently caught up with a few of our local supplier partners and discussed their current favorites in this flourishing category.  

Crafters Union Rosé 

Josh Wiley: NV Field Sales Manager, On-Premise

Is this rosé more retail or on-premise focused?

Both. It is perfect for pools, golf courses and patios for on-premise and is also the ultimate companion for a weekend hike, backyard bar-b-que or a lounge day by the pool. Crafters Union Rosé is a premium wine that blends artistry and craftsmanship with everyday life, and brings that quality to
a can.  

Which grape varietals are included in it?

A blend of varietals crafted to bring you a crisp, fresh wine, full of flavor. 

Are there any “fun facts” available about the winery or winemaker?

It takes a certain amount of vision and artisan ingenuity to choose the right grapes and transform them into a deliciously uncommon wine. To imagine a visual representation of what that wine is at its core.  Crafters Union is the culmination of grape growers, winemakers, designers, artists—true crafters—who put a bit of themselves into their art. We know we’re working in an unusual medium. That’s part of the fun. Cans are changing the way we experience wine. They’re pushing us outdoors to savor every refreshing sip under an open sky.

What is your favorite food pairing with it?

Pair it with a fresh summer salad, or try it with tangy goat cheese.

2017 Tormaresca Calafuria Rosé

Brian Singleton: District Manager for Ste Michelle Wine Estates—Nevada

What makes this rosé stand out from others in the market? 

In a vast sea of domestic rosé and countless options from Provence, this rosé captures the essence and flavors of Salento in Puglia.  One hundred percent estate grown fruit from the indigenous Italian grape varietal, Negroamaro, helps set this option apart from others in the market. The 2017 vintage was also included in Wine Spectator’s 100 Top Values of 2018. 

Which grape varietals are included in it? 

100% Estate Grown Negroamaro from Masseria Maime 

Are there any “fun facts” available about the winery or winemaker?  

Cala, meaning bay, and furia, meaning fury, was inspired by the 700+ bays and inlets dotting the coast of Southern Italy in Puglia, the “heel of the boot.” Tormaresca was founded by the Antinori family in 1998.  The family has been in the wine industry for over 630 years and 26 generations and is commonly touted as the “first family of Italian winemaking.” Tormaresca means “towers by the sea” and refers to the many seaside watch towers along the Adriatic Sea. 

What is your favorite food pairing with it? 

Negroamaro is known for its signature minerality and this wine offers flavors of strawberry and raspberry with balanced acidity. My favorite pairing is with a spicy seafood pasta dish or as an aperitif.   

2017 Bieler Pere & Fils Sabine Rosé 

Jay Martino: Trinchero Family Estates Portfolio Specialist

Where can one find this rosé in the market?

It is on-premise focused with no retail presence. We are really looking to provide
a classic style rosé that is for everyone,
every day. 

There are a plethora rosés in the market and many producers have forgotten that rosé should not only be of great quality but also be inexpensive as they are meant to be consumed on a daily basis. The clever slogan, “Rosé All Day,” that our society has adopted cannot be achieved with the rising prices in this category. Fortunately, Bieler Sabine Rosé allows one to enjoy the true essence
of what a rosé should be without breaking
the bank. 

Which grape varietals are included in it?

41% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 19% Cinsault, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Rolle

Are there any “fun facts” available about the winery or winemaker?  

Charles Bieler’s rosé connection goes back to the early 1990s, when his father, Philippe Bieler, founded Chateau Routas, an acclaimed producer of Grenache-based rosé and red wine in the Coteaux Varois region of Provence. In 1998, they brought their dry rosé to the United States at a time when Americans perceived all rosé as sweet wine for the unrefined palate. Charles rode around in a Pink Cadillac touting the nuance and complexity of rosé until he turned this misconception on its head.

What is your favorite food pairing with it? 

I love rosé with Thai food. Traditional Pad Thai, Larb, Tom Yum Goong, Khao Pad (Fried Rice), Pad Krapow Moo Saap, Yam Nua, and the list goes on.

What would you describe as the ideal moment or environment to enjoy this rosé? 

I think nothing says rosé more than pool season. Whether it is poolside, in a cabana at a day club or in the comfort of your own backyard, I say “yes way to rosé!”