LeAnne Notabartolo


A culinary event coordinator and live cooking demonstrator, this “Edu-tainer” with more than 1000 demos under her belt lives to cook and eat. She works with chefs at events and learns from them and translates info for home cooks. She is the Chick in Charge of Good for Spooning – read her blog here: www.goodforspooning.com

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Premium Sustainable Solutions

When it comes to sustainability, sometimes looking back is the best option. That’s exactly what Premium Sustainable Solutions does in their North Las Vegas, Nevada facility. They provide logo Read more ›

LeAnne Notabartolo on May 1, 2018

Good for Spooning

Lionfish in San Diego, a partnership between Clique Hospitality Group and Andy Masi, is a place you will want to check out and visit often. The gorgeous dining room Read more ›

LeAnne Notabartolo on Jul 1, 2017

Good for Spooning

The recently opened Ways & Means Oyster House is located in the new Pacific City shopping area in Huntington Beach. The mall opened in November, 2015 and Ways & Read more ›

LeAnne Notabartolo on May 1, 2016

Good for Spooning

I never thought I would meet anyone who talks at my pace, but Christina Wilson does. In a rapid fire interview I learned that while Hell’s Kitchengave her immense Read more ›

LeAnne Notabartolo on Feb 1, 2016