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About the author: Linda Duke, CEO of Duke Marketing, is celebrating 25 years in business, a full service marketing firm based in San Rafael, CA specializing in restaurant marketing. 

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Human Resources Insights

I believe that one of the most valuable components of a good organization is the depth of and value placed on the culture of that organization.  Just so you Read more ›

Linda Duke on Dec 26, 2019

Marketing VS Operations

The truth is that you can have a brilliant marketing department and a world-class operations team, but if the two are not working together, there is nothing but discord. Read more ›

Linda Duke on Feb 1, 2017

Top Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2017

Surprise me!In order to open their wallets and pocketbooks, today’s timid consumers want something special. We’re not talking about a surprising discount, but a surprising call to action. If Read more ›

Linda Duke on Jan 1, 2017

Recipe: Hosting a Holiday Tasting Event

The most profitable asset that restaurateurs have to offer is food, and what better way to share their brand than to host a tasting event. A tasting event is Read more ›

Linda Duke on Dec 1, 2016

Making the Most Out of Fourth Quarter Sales!

How can restaurateurs make the most of the upcoming holidays and 4th quarter sales? With the Presidential election days away, consumers have been “waiting to see” what will happen Read more ›

Linda Duke on Nov 1, 2016

Point of Purchase Materials

For restaurateurs, marketing within the four walls is just as important as marketing outside the four walls. Point of purchase materials are essential in carrying out the communication of Read more ›

Linda Duke on Oct 1, 2016

Engaging Your Guests During a Tough Economic Climate

Recently many restaurant operators are looking at empty dining rooms and slower than usual sales. In times of a tough economic climate, it’s no secret that consumers have become Read more ›

Linda Duke on Sep 1, 2016

Marketing RECIPE: Ladies’ Luncheons

Ingredients Needed:• Printed flyers to advertise• A staff member or a few to make calls to local groups• A group Read more ›

Linda Duke on Aug 1, 2016

RECIPE: Summer

When the months begin to heat up, there is no better time to introduce summer menu promotions. Numerous creative options for summer marketing programs exist to get staff and Read more ›

Linda Duke on Jul 1, 2016

Cooking on Television

What are some things a television chef might not tell you? • How hard it really is to cook and speak simultaneously on TV!• Read more ›

Linda Duke on Jun 1, 2016

Five Signs Your Brand Needs a Make-Over

Whether it’s Pepsi’s new logo or McDonald’s new interiors, big brands are making changes to their concepts everywhere you look. Maybe your business has been rolling along for years Read more ›

Linda Duke on May 1, 2016

Marketing & Communicating the “Health” Message

In 1989 when I was first starting my restaurant marketing business restaurateurs didn’t pay too much attention to marketing healthy menu items.Back in the early 90s healthy brands were Read more ›

Linda Duke on Apr 1, 2016

Crisis Management for Today

Restaurateurs need to know how to manage and deal with a crisis. Irresponsible or irrational actions pertaining to a crisis can be damaging to a long withstanding reputation. Restaurateurs Read more ›

Linda Duke on Mar 1, 2016

Time to Take Marketing Inventory

The key to success in today’s saturated marketplace, where guests have so many choices, is effective marketing. Review the inventory checklist below. Do you have or need the basic Read more ›

Linda Duke on Feb 1, 2016

Creating Snackable Content in 140 Words or Less!

Twitter was founded in 2006, but how does one write a 140-character PR Pitch—a single tweet summarizing one’s brand and unique attributes—anyway? Online consumers have an attention span of Read more ›

Linda Duke on Jan 1, 2016

Marketing Beer, Wine and Liquor at a Restaurant

“Many beer, wine and liquor vendors provide excellent resources to help restaurant operators,” says Linda Duke, marketing expert and chief executive of Duke Marketing, celebrating 25 years in the Read more ›

Linda Duke on Dec 1, 2015

Holiday Success Guide

Probably every restaurateur’s most important season. Holidays are just as important for retailers and ecommerce sites as restaurants, hotels, personal services like salons, even business services like accountants and Read more ›

Linda Duke on Nov 1, 2015

Community Relations for Today’s Restaurants

Community relations is about helping to solve society’s problems and for restaurant operators; it is becoming more important to build a positive reputation in the community and give back. Read more ›

Linda Duke on Oct 1, 2015