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David Scott Peters is a restaurant consultant, event speaker and founder of TheRestaurantExpert.com, a company committed to the success of independent restaurants offering exclusive online restaurant management software designed specifically to meet the complete operational needs of independent operators. Learn more about how David can help you at www.TheRestaurantExpert.com.

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The Restaurant Expert

Labor is a major area where restaurants can bleed profitability. Why? When the clock goes tick, you owe! For your food costs, if you buy too much food, as Read more ›

David Scott Peters on Jun 1, 2018

The Restaurant Expert

I bet you’ve heard that a typical restaurant makes a nickel to 8 cents on every dollar they bring in. I bet you’ve heard about the study Ohio State Read more ›

David Scott Peters on May 1, 2018

The Restaurant Expert

Photo courtesy David Scott Peters Anyone who has worked in restaurants knows sexual harassment is rampant in the industry. Protect your employees and your business with knowledge on the subject.  Sexual Read more ›

David Scott Peters on Apr 1, 2018