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Gael Hees is a Las Vegas freelancer, and founder of the blog, The Steamy Side of Vegas, Living the Spa Life. She writes for national publications and has won numerous awards for printed materials and videos. Follow her at or email, with questions, suggestions or comments.

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Front & Back of the House

Photo credit: Gael Hees There’s nothing better in my book (cookbook, that is) than a recipe with a story. Sure, it’s great to have the perfect recipe for lobster bisque, Read more ›

Gael Hees on Nov 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Oscar Goodman!

Photos by Tom Donoghue He calls himself the world’s happiest mayor (now former mayor), and when you meet him, you know it’s true. In his office on a Monday, he Read more ›

Gael Hees on Aug 11, 2019

It’s Summer - Take a Dive into Hampton Water!

Photo by Jerritt Clark | Courtesy Hampton Water It’s like a fairy tale. Developing a new wine brand from concept to bottling in 18 months. Receiving a Wine Spectator rating of 90 Read more ›

Gael Hees on Jun 1, 2019

Front & Back of the House

photo courtesy Boka Group Where do you find new ideas for decorative tiles, carpeting, fabrics, bar furniture and more? At HDexpo, the design trade show hosted by Hospitality Design magazine. This year Read more ›

Gael Hees on Jun 1, 2019

Front & Back of the House

photos courtesy ChocolateBuzzz     Denise and Levi Elrod have been cooking together since their very beginning when they met while working as chefs in a chocolate shop in Florida. Read more ›

Gael Hees on Jan 16, 2019

Vegas Embraces Two Unique Asian Spirits

Cover and feature photos by Audrey Dempsey • Infinity Photo Many of the millions of international guests that visit Las Vegas each year often take home more than memories and Read more ›

Gael Hees on Jan 1, 2019

Front & Back of the House

Have you heard the term “free PR?” Many people think that the role of a public relations professional is to simply send out news releases on various company activities Read more ›

Gael Hees on Oct 1, 2018