June 2019

It’s Summer - Take a Dive into Hampton Water!

Photo by Jerritt Clark | Courtesy Hampton Water It’s like a fairy tale. Developing a new wine brand from concept to bottling in 18 months. Receiving a Wine Spectator rating of 90 Read more ›

Gael Hees on Jun 1, 2019

Hot Off the Grill!

Restaurant Editor Ben Brown enjoyed the annual Taste of Huntington Beach festival, where nearly 50 restaurants gathered to serve signature tastes. Check out the other happenings across SoCal in Read more ›

The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional on Jun 1, 2019

The Bottom Line

The debate between eating out and having a home-cooked meal has existed for ages, but home cooking now has a platform to rise as an even greater competitor. California Read more ›

Ben Brown on Jun 1, 2019

What's Brewing

Pictured: Machine House Brewery. Photos by David Mulvihill Travel Time With summer almost here, many will be venturing to various destinations for some RR&B (rest, relaxation and beer).  If your travels bring you to Read more ›

David Mulvihill on Jun 1, 2019

Product Review

Karl Strauss ReGreen Brut IPA  IPA continues to be the number one-selling craft beer style and its huge popularity has hastened the proliferation of several sub-categories. A fairly new substyle Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Jun 1, 2019

Twinkle Toast

photo by Erincooperphotography.com A voyage into a new category of wine spritz has begun for the crew of Pink Ocean Rosé Spritz. We recently caught up with one of its creators, Read more ›

Erin Cooper & Christine Vanover on Jun 1, 2019

Newport Beach Film Festival 2019

Photo by David Mulvihill. The Newport Beach Film Festival celebrated its 20th season this past April: 20 years of films, features, documentaries and shorts from around the world, with focus Read more ›

David Mulvihill on Jun 1, 2019

Front & Back of the House

photo courtesy Boka Group Where do you find new ideas for decorative tiles, carpeting, fabrics, bar furniture and more? At HDexpo, the design trade show hosted by Hospitality Design magazine. This year Read more ›

Gael Hees on Jun 1, 2019

Spirits Confidential with Max Solano

Without question, whisky across the globe continues to experience an incredible ascent into all-time popularity. I’m not even sure if we’re even close to having it reach its pinnacle, Read more ›

Max Solano on Jun 1, 2019

Chef Talk

Last month I started my article saying that I wanted to write about butter, but I didn’t even reach butter, because there’s so much about milk which is used to Read more ›

Allen Asch on Jun 1, 2019

Human Resources Insights

What is on-boarding? It is the steps that a company takes to ensure successful hiring, acclimation, and transitioning into the job, culture, and company for newly hired employees. The Read more ›

Linda Westcott-Bernstein on Jun 1, 2019

Brett's Vegas View

Entertainment Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group’s new show “R.U.N.” will open at the Luxor Oct. 24 and be the company’s first live action cinematic thriller following two clans and exploring the world Read more ›

Jackie Brett on Jun 1, 2019

The Restaurant Expert

Independent restaurant owners tend to be the nicest, most generous people on the planet (even the grumpy ones). Think about it. They put others ahead of themselves all of Read more ›

David Scott Peters on Jun 1, 2019