September 2019

Heaven Hill

Photos courtesy Heaven Hill Brands Heaven Hill Brands is the sixth largest spirits supplier in the US. They’re the second largest holder of aging bourbon whiskey in the world, with Read more ›

Ben Brown on Sep 8, 2019

Hot Off the Grill!

Restaurant Editor Ben Brown attended what’s known as ‘California’s prime Hispanic food and wine festival,’ the AltaMed Food & Wine Festival. Lobster claws with caviar and edible gold leaf? Read more ›

The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional on Sep 8, 2019

The Bottom Line

Menu engineering is the art of increasing your average check by getting customers to subconsciously order higher-profit items, and more of them. For those unfamiliar with this practice, it’s Read more ›

Ben Brown on Sep 8, 2019

What's Brewing

Photos by David Mulvihill Brewers Mash 2018, (l-r) Kyle Giannuzzi (Brewery X), Brian Rauso (Green Cheek), Rick Smets (Stereo), Brian Hendon and Bryan Giesen (Docent). Oktoberfest-ive Southern California is gearing up for Read more ›

David Mulvihill on Sep 8, 2019

Product Review

Martini & Rossi Frosé  In the wake of the massive heat that recently swept the US, frozen drinks are a welcome relief, but the new Martini & Rossi Frosé is Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Sep 8, 2019

Spirits Confidential with Max Solano

photos courtesy Max Solano In our marvelous food and beverage industry (and, it is truly marvelous) how many countless “Best of…” articles have been written over the years? Whether the Read more ›

Max Solano on Sep 8, 2019

Twinkle Toast

  Laura Gatti is no stranger to the wine business. Winemaking has been a constant in her life since she was a little girl and to this day, she works Read more ›

Erin Cooper & Christine Vanover on Sep 8, 2019

The Restaurant Expert

Years ago, I came across a study called “The Spirit of Service.” It was done by a foodservice industry association that is no longer around, but the information it Read more ›

David Scott Peters on Sep 8, 2019

Brett's Vegas View

ENTERTAINMENT Foreigner has an exclusive headlining residency show at The Venetian Resort beginning Friday, Jan. 24, 2020, with 10 performances. Journey with nine dates in October has added four dates for New Year’s Eve Read more ›

Jackie Brett on Sep 8, 2019

Wine Talk with Alice Swift

photos courtesy Alice Swift and Sinasera 24 In the first part of August this year, I had the opportunity to visit Taitung to co-teach a culinary camp along with my Read more ›

Alice Swift on Sep 8, 2019

Chef Talk

Coming from the East Coast, and having lived in New Orleans, I experienced how oysters have become a mainstay in the diet due to its indigenous nature. Here in Read more ›

Allen Asch on Sep 8, 2019

Human Resources Insights

Now more than ever, it is important that companies today are in tune with and attentive to what behaviors are going on in their workplace. This new workforce is Read more ›

Linda Westcott-Bernstein on Sep 8, 2019

Foodie Biz

Photos by Ben Brown. AltaMed Food and Wine Festival Showcases Grandeur Latin Flavor The AltaMed Food & Wine Festival, known as ‘California’s prime Hispanic food and wine festival,’ celebrated with a Read more ›

Ben Brown on Sep 8, 2019