October 2016

Frey Distillery

Since the early days when settlers trekked across the high desert landscape and established roots in Nevada, there’salways been a pioneering spirit here.It’s this spirit that makes Frey Ranch Read more ›

The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional on Oct 2, 2016

Food for Thought

With the weather cooling off a bit, try these tasty trifles layered with vanilla pudding, shortbread cookies and bananas for an elegant but SO easy favorite!There are dozens of Read more ›

Les Kincaid on Oct 1, 2016

Point of Purchase Materials

For restaurateurs, marketing within the four walls is just as important as marketing outside the four walls. Point of purchase materials are essential in carrying out the communication of Read more ›

Linda Duke on Oct 1, 2016

Book Review

I was initially drawn to check out this book by its title alone. Being both a history buff and a student of spirits, I saw an opportunity to explore Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Oct 1, 2016

Tripping with Cheese: Part 2

In my previous column, I made the observation that as one travels north in California, the distance between food and everyday life is reduced. Once the California-Oregon border is Read more ›

John Rockwell on Oct 1, 2016

What’s Brewing

With more than 120 breweries and growing, wherever you find yourself in San Diego is likely not far from freshly brewed craft beer at its source. From Oceanside to Read more ›

David Mulvihill on Oct 1, 2016

Brett’s Vegas View

Spotlighting EntertainmentBand of Magicians with Australia’sJames Galea, Stuart MacLeodfrom the UK, and Brett Loudermilk and Joel Ward of the United States, will take up residency at the Tropicana Oct. Read more ›

Jackie Brett on Oct 1, 2016

The Bottom Line

‘Homemade’ is a big industry buzzword, motivating eateries across the country to shift a lot more work to in-house production. On the surface, this should boost the brand. Homemade Read more ›

Ben Brown on Oct 1, 2016

Paso Robles

After traveling in the area for over a decade we are very familiar with the central coast of California and the explosion of world class wines and gastronomic delights Read more ›

Elaine & Scott Harris on Oct 1, 2016


So, as waiters, we have all had that table that giggles while ordering the oysters with much implied innuendo. I have found this to be pretty basic. Yeah right, Read more ›

Apryl Bruso on Oct 1, 2016

Foodie Biz

Bone marrow custard with camel milk. Sea urchin ice cream. Frito BBQ casserole. Octopus prepared half a dozen ways. Seen as abstract and lofty by some, these kinds of Read more ›

Ben Brown on Oct 1, 2016

Product Review

The Wine HookLast month I was sent a sample of The Wine Hook, a cute little device intended to secure a wine glass to a chair with an armrest. Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Oct 1, 2016

Product Spotlight

More than just a broth, Major’s PAN-ASIAN BASE range is the perfect way to add an exotic twist to any dish. Create healthy, fun, on-trend street-worthy recipes in seconds. Read more ›

The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional on Oct 1, 2016

Human Resources Insights

I have always loved the color yellow. It is bright and friendly, and makes me feel optimistic, like that anything is possible. I smile every time I see someone Read more ›

Linda Westcott-Bernstein on Oct 1, 2016

West Eats East

Imitation crab meat looks like crab meat, tastes like crab meat, and splits like King Crab meat. Not cloned or artificially engineered, it is made from fish flesh with Read more ›

K. Mike Masuyama Ph.D. on Oct 1, 2016