November 2018

Hot Off the Grill

Restaurant Editor Ben Brown was on site for the 5th annual Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival, and what a show it was! A full Foodie Biz spread is Read more ›

The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional on Nov 1, 2018

The Bottom Line

Any successful restaurant—and really any business entity in general—boils back down to its people. As an owner, manager, head chef or any other authoritative figure, the power is in Read more ›

Ben Brown on Nov 1, 2018

What's Brewing

Photos by David Mulvihill and Taylor Peck Multiple awards winners:   Clockwise from front: Brandon Fender (The Good Beer Co), Kyle Giannuzzi (Brewery X), Brian Rauso (Green Cheek), Rick Smets (Stereo), Brian Read more ›

David Mulvihill on Nov 1, 2018

Product Review

Ambros Banana Whiskey Southern Nevada-based Derby Spirits has released the first-of-its-kind Ambros Banana Whiskey, using premium-aged whiskey infused with 100% real bananas, with no artificial flavors, preservatives, ‘natural’ flavoring, fruit Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Nov 1, 2018

Goose Island Remains Committed to Chicago and Good Beer

Tim Faith discussing his beer - photos by Pat Evans More than seven years ago, the beer world was shaken by the Anheuser-Busch deal to purchase Chicago’s Goose Island.  The impact Read more ›

Pat Evans on Nov 1, 2018

The Restaurant Expert

Your back door is where you do a very important segment of your business–it’s where you order and receive your product. And it’s where restaurants bleed cash.  To fix this, Read more ›

David Scott Peters on Nov 1, 2018

Human Resources Insights

There is a significant amount of discussion these days on diversity in the workplace. In my humble opinion, it comes down to how each of us as individuals view Read more ›

Linda Westcott-Bernstein on Nov 1, 2018

Month of Memory

Photos by Infinity Photo and Jeff Ragazzo Editor’s Note: This feature was written and published before the Guinness World Record-setting event, but photos of the epic cocktail were obtained after Read more ›

Pat Evans on Nov 1, 2018

Foodie Biz

Photos by Ben Brown Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival Showcases Fine Food, Drink and Celebrity Chef Extravagance The 5th annual Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival may have just found Read more ›

Ben Brown on Nov 1, 2018

Spirits Confidential with Max Solano

Without question, the further we delve back into history, the probability of there being inaccuracies and/or lost and missing records or dates becomes greater. We know this! For example, Read more ›

Max Solano on Nov 1, 2018

Chef Talk

I’ve recently been pondering a trip to the Mediterranean, especially Greece, so I’ve started eating at all of the Greek restaurants in town to start getting a taste for Read more ›

Allen Asch on Nov 1, 2018

Brett's Vegas View

2019 Entertainment Highlights Celine Dion’s residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace will end June 8. James Taylor joined by his All-Star Band will have a 12-show run there April 17-May 11. Puddles Pity Party featuring America’s Got Talent singing clown Read more ›

Jackie Brett on Nov 1, 2018

Wine Talk with Alice Swift

It’s that time of year again! The days and months just seem to go by faster and faster with each passing year. The fall/winter decorations have begun coming out, Read more ›

Alice Swift on Nov 1, 2018