December 2015

Hotel La Casa Del Camino

The historic mission-style building at the corner of Cress Street and the Coast Highway, known as Hotel La Casa Del Camino, is described as a Mediterranean-style boutique hotel. I Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Dec 2, 2015

A Holiday Message from Mike Fryer

THE SOCAL FOOD & BEVERAGE PROFESSIONAL THANKS OUR READERS FOR THEIR SUPPORT in this first year of operations here in Southern California and we look forward to an even Read more ›

Mike Fryer on Dec 1, 2015

Food for Thought

The west coast winter months are already upon us and they will only get worse before they get better. Most of us tend to gain weight during the winter Read more ›

Les Kincaid on Dec 1, 2015

West Eats East

Ethnic foods first arrived here primarily by migrant workers at the West Coast or immigrants at the East Coast. They stayed within cultural boundaries but spread to other groups Read more ›

K. Mike Masuyama Ph.D. on Dec 1, 2015

Marketing Beer, Wine and Liquor at a Restaurant

“Many beer, wine and liquor vendors provide excellent resources to help restaurant operators,” says Linda Duke, marketing expert and chief executive of Duke Marketing, celebrating 25 years in the Read more ›

Linda Duke on Dec 1, 2015

What’s Brewing

Buyouts, Purchases, and PartnershipsThe big news in Southern California of late seems to be the entry of large breweries into the craft beer realm via acquisition. In September MillerCoors Read more ›

David Mulvihill on Dec 1, 2015

Late Night Eats for Late Night Peeps

Getting off late isn’t so bad, especially when you have navigated the available food choices and found some late night venues that offer up some seriously good grub. I Read more ›

Apryl Bruso on Dec 1, 2015

Brett’s Vegas View

Prevailing Entertainment With “new” music, design, technology and finale, Blue Man Group opened at the Luxor in their renovated theater where they first started. Rock of Ages will close Read more ›

Jackie Brett on Dec 1, 2015

For the Love of the Craft

San Diego is well known for great weather, beautiful beaches, sunny dispositions and exceptional beer. In the cocktail world, it hasn’t always been on the radar. Now a homegrown Read more ›

Adam Rains on Dec 1, 2015

Craft Beer Takes Center Stage at 2015 NBWA Convention & Trade Show

The 78th annual National Beer Wholesalers Association Convention and Trade Show convened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Oct. 11-13 and attracted nearly 4,000 industry representatives.Spokane, Washington’s No-Li Brewhouse Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Dec 1, 2015

Product Spotlight

Major Chefs’ Elite Stock Base Pastes are made using only the finest of ingredients. Use to add authentic flavor direct to a sauce or dish. Simply mix in or Read more ›

The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional on Dec 1, 2015

A Good Read:

The legendary award-winning chef and restaurateur Charlie Palmer, who has been at the forefront of great American food since the 1980s, has released his latest cookbook, American Fare: Everyday Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Dec 1, 2015

Chef Talk

You may have heard by now about the shortage we are about to have on the seasonal pumpkin. We made it through the Halloween season without a problem Read more ›

Allen Asch on Dec 1, 2015

The Bottom Line

Consistency is the X-factor that separates a successful restaurant from its counterparts. Elite restaurants aren’t defined by expensive décor, trendy ingredients, celebrity chefs, or even great food. Elite restaurants Read more ›

Ben Brown on Dec 1, 2015

Human Resources Insights

The holiday season is the perfect time for embracing the importance of family and friends. It’s a time to reflect on what we’ve done in our life and maybe Read more ›

Linda Westcott-Bernstein on Dec 1, 2015

Wine Talk with Alice Swift

Have you ever wondered why you tend to drink tomato juice more often on a plane? Or, in the context of alcohol, do you typically like Cabernet Sauvignon, but Read more ›

Alice Swift on Dec 1, 2015